The Opal is committed to publishing captivating fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction across genres, particularly from vibrant young writers who are new to the craft.

The word “opal” originates from the Latin term opalus, which means “precious jewel” combined with the Greek opallios, meaning “to see a change in color”. We believe the written word is a precious jewel that changes how we see the world, empowering us to walk with the faith and confidence that opal stones symbolize.

Launched in 2022, The Opal is a literary magazine in association with Spalding University. Staffed entirely from Spalding’s lauded Creative Writing BFA Program, The Opal aims to effectively showcase a broad range of genres and themes, particularly from fellow undergraduates. We believe here at The Opal that all genres hold value in the writing sphere, as the written word is a precious jewel that changes how we see the world. We have set out to instill faith and confidence in emerging writers looking to make their mark in the publishing sphere. 

The Opal Staff


Elizabeth Bright
Elizabeth Bright has been fascinated by combinations of letters and words for as long as she can remember. She has a long-held love for fiction, poetry, and well-rounded characters; in the last few years, she has also developed a profound interest in creative non-fiction. As an empath, she holds space for the honesty of reflection that is found within the transformative arc of personal narrative. In addition to creating, enhancing her craft, and earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Elizabeth makes time for gardening and holistic healing; her joys involve celebrating the successes of her friends and love for her family, including her black cat and white poodle.

Cooper Robinson
Cooper Robinson is a Freshman Creative Writing Major at Spalding University. A California native, Robinson enjoys writing fiction stories and novels, usually within the genres of Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, and Realistic Fiction. Robinson also plays for Spalding’s Men’s Lacrosse team. If he isn’t playing on a turf field, he is at his desk either typing away on a story or staring at a blank page pulling his hair out. Robinson’s love of Sci-Fi comes from authors such as Michael Grant and Lois Lowry, and his love of Historical Fiction comes from an obsessive fixation on history as a subject.